Nursing Career Advancement Program

Admin June 14, 2018

Career advancement is one of the major factors that contribute a significant change in person’s life in terms of knowledge and skills or      adapting current trends and technologies. With the view of upgrading nursing knowledge and skills, Health Careers Institute has come up with a goal oriented career advancement program called NCAP (Nursing Career Advancement Program).

What is NCAP?

It is an internationally developed essential career advancing study program for nurses in India to upgrade their knowledge, skills and competence in order to enhance their career prospects. This course helps nurse to upgrade diverse kinds of skills and competencies relevant for the specific job-role in global health industries.

This course is designed to introduce graduate nurses to the larger environment in which nursing role is ideally performed with excellence. The sessions of this program advances skill based learning in different areas of nursing, focusing on the multifaceted role of the nurse in providing patient centered nursing care. This is also designed to enable the student to explore integrative concept in nursing to assist the student in the transition from a basic graduate nurse to a nurse with advanced skill and knowledge .The role of nurse in addressing patient safety, quality improvement, and professional communication is addressed within the context of the course.

Who is Eligible to do NCAP?

B.Sc. / GNM nurse with 2 years of clinical experience after registration.

Course Duration: 3 Months

What are the study modules of this program?

 NCAP has three modules which are given below with details:

Module -1              Language Training and Personality Development

Module -2              Nursing Competencies  (Core Nursing Syllabus)

Module- 3              Arabic Language Training, Pre-departure Guidelines and Self study


Advantages of this Program

  1. Nurses can extend the applicability of nursing skills into new job markets to access better pay, more opportunities and enhanced career progression with the aid of this program.
  2. NCAP is developed and delivered in collaboration with Health Careers, Australia, a global provider of healthcare, education and research that is committed to quality health education in Australia and across the world, which enable nurses to study standard learning resources.
  3. NCAP program is affiliated with KASE (Kerala Academy for Skilled Excellence) and the training is in collaboration with IHM Australia.
  4. Conditional offer letter will be given to the successful candidates.
  5. Syllabus is benchmarked to international standards.
  6. Licensure exam oriented training is incorporated in the second Module of NCAP.
  7. Professional training and Expert advice on appearing interviews
  8. Build proficiency in nursing science, skills of nursing practice which specialized focus on current trends, technologies and training and HCI own library.
  9. Interactive sessions and blended learning.
  10. 100% job placement assistance in abroad.


NCAP Module II Advantages

Since it is highly mandatory to clear licensure exams like HAAD, MOH, PROMETRIC, DHA, we have included aggressive training practice to achieve the required score for such exams. This is accomplished by formulating an effective curriculum that targets the major aspects of problem solving and analyzing the given options with rationale.    

How is the course assessed?

Assessment strategies implemented for collecting evidence and making judgements whether competency has been achieved by the learner. The assessments confirm whether an individual can perform to the standards expected in the workplace, as expressed in the relevant endorsed unit of competency. 

NCAP Program helps in the Transition from a basic graduate nurse to a highly competent nurse

Healthcare is becoming increasingly complex, and the need for highly competent nursing professionals continues to happen day by day. Increasing demand in nursing sector especially in some specialized areas such as critical care, oncology, pediatric, cardio and respiratory units etc. requires highly talented nurse to function effectively in the treatment process. NCAP helps the nurse to achieve the knowledge and skills required for the standardized nursing care and better opportunities.

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