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Message from MD & CEO

Mr. Dini Domini K

MD & CEO, Health Careers Group

Email : dini@mwt.co.in

Dear Members of the HCI Community,

At Health Careers Institute, we have always believed that our responsibility lies in helping individuals achieve their career dreams by empowering them with world-class education and global opportunities to study, work and migrate to the destination of their choice.

Our innovative learning platforms and use of technological improvements in imparting knowledge ensures that all individuals around the world gain access to quality education and collaborate with leading educators from across the globe. We equip you with a holistic set of skills that greatly enhance your employability and make you industry-ready. At Health Careers Institute, we do everything we can to expand your boundaries of experiential learning!

As the MD and CEO at Health Careers Institute, I am proud of my team. We are not just a name or a company. We stand strong for a passion as well as a desire to grow, serve and excel. Our success story is the result of untiring hard work and dedication. We strongly believe that real business success is not just about profits measured in numbers, but it is defined in terms of quality and service standards. In fact, our corporate strategy reflects our commitment to sustain business practices and balancing responsibility alongside growth and productivity.

With a keen focus on legally-obtained admission to premium universities abroad, we are steadfast in our mission to hand-hold students to study, work and migrate to the destination of their dreams. We also work closely with relevant educational and consular establishments to serve our students in fulfilling their academic dreams. We look forward to answering your questions and providing you effective and professional assistance for your study abroad needs.

I am very thankful to all those who continue to support us in our mission. Wish you good luck in your endeavours.