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Post Graduate Certificate Program in Drug Safety and Medical Review for Physicians

Pharmacovigilance has grown significantly in recent years and its importance in the healthcare system has been recognized worldwide. There are considerable issues which need to be addressed to ensure the safety of medicines and medical devices. Medical professionals play an important role in the global pharmacovigilance system. They require substantial understanding and expertise in the field of drug and device safety which will successfully contribute to this area through early recognition, management, and reporting of the drug and device safety issues. It is important that medical professionals should be formally trained in the pharmacovigilance. They should possess a combination of training and skills in this area.

There is significant potential for outsourcing and off shoring for every pharmaceutical and medical device company. Large numbers of global drug and device companies have starting off shoring their pharmacovigilance activities to the markets like India. In a typical pharmacovigilance department or specialized pharmacovigilance company, there are several entry level positions for medical doctors, viz. Drug Safety Physician, Medical Reviewer, and Safety Scientist, and this leads to higher positions over the years at fast pace.

Course Details




Full time / Weekend

Course Duration

3 months for full time, 6 months for weekend.


Printed Books, Online, eLearning Webinars


Online MCQ

Course Fees

₹59,000 +GST


Accredited from Accreditation Council for Clinical Research Education, USA.

Advantages of the Program
  • Career in Medical Science
  • Substantial career growth
  • Attractive salaries
  • 5 days a week job
  • International training and job opportunities
  • Fixed holidays and annual vacations

Course Schedule

> January 20, 2020

> March 23, 2020

> May 25, 2020

> July 20, 2020

> September 21, 2020

> November 23, 2020