Occupational English Test


OET replicates the tasks of healthcare settings and measure candidates’ abilities in listening, reading, writing and speaking. The test is paper-based and held every month. Students are evaluated in Listening (approximately 40 minutes), Reading (60 minutes), Writing (45 minutes) and Speaking skills (approximately 20 minutes). Results are published online, about 16 business days after the test.

OET is comparatively easier for most healthcare professionals such as nurses, than other general English tests. Healthcare professionals choose OET because it helps them improve their language and communication skills required for work or study.

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Country wise Desired scores

Country Listening Reading Writing Speaking
Ireland* B B C+ B
New Zealand B B B B
Australia B B B B

* According to the recent update by NMBI: A flexible score of Grade B in any of the three subskill tests and a Grade C+ in any single subskill test is also accepted.