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Infection Control-Advanced

Hospital acquired infection (HAI) is a major safety concern for both health care providers and the clients. Considering morbidity, mortality, increased length of stay and the cost, efforts should be taken to provide care as safe as possible.
It is important for nurses working in any health care setting to have genuine and in depth knowledge regarding infection control. Regular review of knowledge and updating self with the current trends and practices is inevitable to render safe and quality care.
Emerging infectious diseases are a threat to health care. Current concerns on outbreaks of resistant organisms added the burden in managing the infections. Infection prevention and control is fundamental in improving the safety and quality of care provided to the clients.
This course Infection Control-Advanced describes the issues related to infection control practices within the clinical settings and helps nurses to understand various advanced scientific as well as technical infection control practices. Gaining authentic and in-depth knowledge enable nurses to practice infection prevention and control effectively and competently.

Course Details


> To do the course, a basic knowledge of infection control is required, and ideally a subsequent course Infection Control – Basic.

Course Award

Candidates who have successfully completed the course are awarded a certificate of achievement.

Course Content

> Importance of infection control
> Identifying hospital acquired infections and recognize its impact
> Risk factors, pathogenesis and management of different hospital acquired infections
> Perceptive discrimination of various multiple drug resistant organisms
> Comprehensive infection control program including surveillance of healthcare associated infections
> Infection outbreak management
> Role of hospital support services in infection control
> Current trends and practices in infection prevention and control


The candidates will be assessed through a post test at the end of the session. A score of 80% is required to achieve the certificate.

Course Fee

3000 INR

Course Registration and Enquiry

The course provided is an online course and registration for the course can also be done online.

Course Duration

8 hours