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TOLL FREE : 1800 102 3566 (Kochi), 1800 225 114 (Mumbai)
TOLL FREE : 1800 102 3566 (Kochi), 1800 225 114 (Mumbai)

Jump-start your IELTS learning today!

HCI’s online IELTS and In-classroom tutoring is designed to facilitate the students to get ready for a great IELTS score. Our unique state of the art IELTS preparation and rich practice resource hub encompasses all the requisites, module wise. The vast coverage of all the sections of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking backed by interactive learning activities, downloadable practice material, tips & hints through multiple worksheets, advice audio and videos, takes you through every step of IELTS right from the conception through examination process. Get ready to ace your IELTS score and to speak like a native English speaker. HCI’s IELTS E-learning program is devised for self-study, and developed based on our rich expertise in classroom teaching, training and IELTS preparation.

Benefits of taking IELTS through HCI online and In-classroom training

  • Personalised coaching by World class Tutors
  • In-depth orientation on test formats, previous test paper discussion, regular practice and mock tests
  • Affordable and effective tutoring sessions, option to enrol for module wise learning
  • Extensive course curriculum and resource library, english language skills, common IELTS mistakes to avoid
  • Class scheduling before and after work hours, for working professionals
  • Sessions to understand how examiners mark the test taken
  • Value added sessions on Accent Neutralization, vocabulary building and basics of soft skills.
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    World-class Webinars
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    Real-time Tutors
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    Instructor-led Learning Session

Why take IELTS with HCI

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Extensively researched IELTS learning resource platform
  • Tutoring techniques focusing on critical thinking, paraphrasing, summarizing, analytical and self-exploratory method, active learning, distributed and interleaved practice
  • Designed with flexibility in time, place, mode of delivery and module options
  • Trained thousands of students and professionals

By the end of HCI online and In-classroom IELTS course, you will:

  • Become more familiar and confident with all the four sections of IELTS
  • Know the best way to achieve great IELTS goals
  • Understand the assessment process
  • Benefit through interactive learning assessments
  • Be better prepared to apply to universities in English-speaking countries

Quick Enquiry


Course plan and fee details:


E-learning/online Training – World class HCI tutors a click away, available 24/7 , one to one guidance at your home at your convenience, webinars and real time tutors, 1-on-1 guidance for speaking and writing sessions, Ease of access and user-friendly dedicated HCI learning platform, Designed for working professionals in different time zones and work shifts, periodic regular and mock tests.

Fees details:

Regular course (30 days) 7000 INR
Extended course (30 more days) 3000 INR

E-learning Process

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Face to face

In-classroom Training – Personalised coaching , World class tutors, practical guidance on test formats, single module learning option, regular mock tests, interactive learning, flexible classes before and after work hours, tips on English language skills and Accent Neutralization, vocabulary building and soft skills.

Fees details:

Regular course (30 days) 7000 INR
Extended course (30 more days) 3000 INR

Single module

Single module – online and In-classroom training on any of the opted modules along with regular practice sessions

Fees details:

Reading Writing Speaking Listening
4000 INR 4000 INR 4000 INR 4000 INR

In-Classroom - Regular course calendar (Face to face & Single module)

Month Face to face
SEPTEMBER 02-09-20191st batch
07-09-2019General Training and Academic Module Test Day
12-09-2019Academic Module Test Day
14-09-2019Academic Module Test Day
16-09-20192nd batch
28-09-2019General Training and Academic Module Test Day
OCTOBER 01-10-20191st batch
10-10-2019Academic Module Test Day
12-10-2019General Training and Academic Module Test Day
14-10-20192nd batch
19-10-2019Academic Module Test Day
26-10-2019General Training and Academic Module Test Day
NOVEMBER 02-11-2019Academic Module Test Day
04-11-20191st batch
07-11-2019General Training and Academic Module Test Day
16-11-2019Academic Module Test Day
18-11-20192nd batch
23-11-2019General Training and Academic Module Test Day
30-11-2019Academic Module Test Day
DECEMBER 02-12-20191st batch
07-12-2019General Training and Academic Module Test Day
12-12-2019Academic Module Test Day
14-12-2019General Training and Academic Module Test Day
16-12-20192nd batch

Make sure you choose the right test:


IELTS Academic Module:
This module measures the English Language proficiency needed for study at University for an Undergraduate or Postgraduate level and for those who wish to join a professional organization in an English speaking country.


IELTS General Training module:
This module measures the English Language proficiency needed for practical, everyday context and focuses on those who want to receive secondary education, work or undertake work experience training in an English-speaking country or wish to emigrate to an English speaking country.


I took crash course in HCI. I really had a wonderful training experience there. I could cover all 4 modules every day with advanced learning resources and sophisticated audio visual aids. The experienced training staff and excellent infrastructure also helped me to learn and to achieve a desired score of L8.5 R7 W7 S7 over all 7.5. Thank you HCI for all your support and special individual care.


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