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Blood Transfusion

Blood transfusion is a complex procedure inter-linking many multidisciplinary health care team members.
Blood transfusion saves lives and improves health, whereas an error in transfusion can be fatal. Transfusion error, where the patient receiving the incorrect blood component, remains the largest risk related to blood transfusions. Nurses, who are responsible for the bedside check before transfusion, have the final opportunity to prevent mis-match transfusions. An understanding and knowledge of the transfusion reactions, symptoms and its management is essential to safely perform blood transfusions. This systematic online interactive course helps to improve the knowledge of the health professionals regarding blood transfusion so that they can perform safe transfusion and maintain good quality care.

Course Details


An understanding of cell structure and function; anatomy and physiology of blood and circulatory system.

Course Content

> Overview of blood transfusion.
> Definition
> Purpose
> Indications
> Types of blood products
> Sources of blood transfusion
> Blood grouping system
> Safe blood transfusion procedure
> Risks or adverse effects
> Recent research- artificial blood

Course Registration

Registration can be made online or through our office. The application for registration is available online.

Course Award

On successful completion of this course, the participants will be issued with a certificate of achievement.


The candidates will be assessed through a post-test at the end of the session. A score of 80% is required to achieve the certificate.

Course Delivery

The course is provided as an online course.

Course Duration

4 Hours

Course Fee

INR 1,500/-

Payment Mode

Demand Draft (DD)

Payable at our Kochi or Kottayam office in favour of “Health Careers Institute Pvt. Ltd”.


Pay the cash directly at our Kochi or Kottayam office.

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Resources Required

Computer with Internet connection