What is nocturia?

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What is Nocturia? Urinary frequency Urination at night Poor urine output Non passage of urine Answer B: Urination at night Nocturia is urination at night. It often increases with age. It is normal to get up twice a night from … Continued

OET September 2018 Updates

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To accurately reflect the changing healthcare landscape, the Occupational English Test (OET) is also regularly updated. OET believes in being responsive to the healthcare sector, and in ensuring the test remains relevant in today’s global context. The updates ensure that … Continued

CVP line measures?

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 CVP line measures? Pressure in right atrium Pulmonary arteries Left ventrivle Vena cava Answer A: Pressure in right atrium The central venous pressure (CVP) is the pressure measured in the central veins close to the heart. It indicates mean right atrial pressure and is frequently used … Continued

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