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Our vision is to revolutionise healthcare education through transnational delivery of accessible, innovative online programs.


Our mission is to provide transnational education in the healthcare sector through HCI Learning Hubs.


Health Careers Institute (HCI) is a subsidiary of Health careers international headquarters at Australia. HCI delivers wide-ranging up skilling educational programs which are designed for healthcare professionals . We facilitate clinical and non-clinical course for healthcare professional especially for nurses. We published many online courses for upskilling the career of the health professionals. HCI supported a good number of professionals over the ten years. We also focus at building career for our students by developing and delivering courses have placement opportunity.

Our Values

Creating Opportunities for the Future Workforce

Health Careers Institute is the transnational education wing of the Australian-based educational organization, Health Careers International, that specialises in education and systems to develop the careers of healthcare professionals around the world. Health Careers International embraces the latest technologies and collaborative tools in the design and delivery of its healthcare education and training programs. While creating new opportunities for students to enhance their employability, Health Careers Institute has been developing relevant, wide-ranging and up-skilling transnational educational programs for healthcare professionals as well as those in other major professional sectors.