Nursing Career Advancement Programme (NCAP)

The Nursing Career Advancement Program (NCAP) is an internationally developed essential career advancing study program for nurses in India to upgrade their knowledge, skills and competence in order to enhance their career prospects. This course helps nurse to upgrade diverse kinds of skills and competencies relevant for the specific job-role in global health industries. The sessions of this program advances skill based learning in different areas of nursing, focusing on the multifaceted role of the nurse in providing patient centered nursing care. You can extend the applicability of your nursing skills into new job markets to access better pay, more opportunities and enhanced career progression with the aid of this program.

Graduate Certificate in Nursing (GCN)

This specialist nursing program is your first step towards a Masters in nursing and is available Online and at Health Careers Learning Hubs, a learning centre for nurses that includes Connected class rooms, simulation labs and an interactive learning hub. This course will provide an opportunity for students to acquire advanced skills, knowledge and insights beyond their undergraduate and graduate certificate studies. The course will benefit those working in various healthcare settings to become competent nurses to take on leadership roles, gain critical thinking, and research skills and advance their career in their chosen nursing field.

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death and disability in the world. Many studies have clearly highlighted the fact that the fatal or foreboding effects of cardiovascular disease are preventable, yet they continue to rise; primarily because the awareness and preventive strategies remain inadequate. Systematic understanding and practicing the flow of care developed by American Heart Association (AHA) can help improve the survival rates to a great extent. Being health care professionals you always have a critical role in providing high quality cardiovascular care.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

The Basic life support (BLS) course is to train participants to save lives of victims in cardiac arrest through high quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR).The American Heart Association(AHA) designed the BLS course to teach health care professionals how to perform high-quality CPR individually or as a team.

Electrocardiogram & Pharmacology (ECG & Pharmacology)

This course has been designed to explain the basic concepts underlying ECG, identify abnormal ECG rhythms and also to review and obtain a better understanding of medications used in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support scenarios for healthcare professionals.
A good understanding of the ECG helps to detect important pathological and physiological problems allowing early intervention and a better understanding about pharmacology will help participants to work effectively as part of emergency medical care team.
The systematic approach which we have used throughout the course will help you to master the topics.