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Infection Control - Basic

Infection Control - Basic

The online course on infection control –basic has been designed to familiarize the health care professionals about basic concepts of infection control and the importance of such practices in health care delivery .This course will also give insight into universal precautions to ensure health care safety of human beings.

It is essential for the nurses and other health professionals to be updated with the infection control practices in order to provide the client with high quality nursing care.


  • Qualification

    Qualification / Pre-requisites

    Have awareness on health, microorganisms and infection.

  • Assessment


    The candidates will be assessed through a post-test at the end of the session. A score of 80% is required to achieve the certificate.

  • Course Delivery

    Delivery Method

    The course is provided as an online course.

  • Payment


    Payment Modes

    Demand Draft / Cheque / Cash / Bank Transfer

  • Course Content

    • Basic concepts of infection control and its importance

    • Nosocomial infections

    • Care of infected patients

    • Infection control-basic mechanism, principles and elements of infection control.

  • Course Award

    On successful completion of this course, the participants will be issued with a certificate of achievement.

  • Course Registration

    Registration can be made online or through our office. The application for registration is available online.

  • Course Fee

    INR 2,000/-

  • Payment modes

    Demand Draft / Cheque 
    To send a Cheque / Demand Draft (DD) Payable at our Kochi or Kottayam office in favour of "Health Careers Institute Pvt. Ltd". 

    Pay the cash directly at our Kochi or Kottayam office.

    Bank Transfer 
    You can deposit the cash to our account through SBI bank that is near to you. Contact us for more information on the bank details.

  • Course Duration

    8 Hours

  • Pre-Requisites

    Awareness on health, microorganisms and infection.

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