Infection Control Course

Infection Control - Basic

Infection Control – Basic

The online course on infection control –basic has been designed to familiarize the health care professionals about basic concepts of infection control and the importance of such practices in health care delivery .This course will also give insight into universal precautions to ensure health care safety of human beings.

It is essential for the nurses and other health professionals to be updated with the infection control practices in order to provide the client with high quality nursing care.


Infection Control - Basic

Infection Control-Advanced

Hospital acquired infection (HAI) is a major safety concern for both health care providers and the clients. Considering morbidity, mortality, increased length of stay and the cost, efforts should be taken to provide care as safe as possible.

It is important for nurses working in any health care setting to have genuine and in depth knowledge regarding infection control. Regular review of knowledge and updating self with the current trends and practices is inevitable to render safe and quality care.