We’ve come together under our parent group!

Health Careers Institute commenced operations in 2011 and is one of India’s fastest growing providers of accredited health and nursing education, both at national and international levels. In today’s challenging healthcare scenario there is a compelling need for nursing professionals to stay current with healthcare practices and technologies. To cater to this requirement, HCI provides comprehensive educational program curriculums which are designed to support excellence in healthcare and foster professional growth and teamwork.

Our programs are developed on par with global industry standards and empower healthcare professionals to broaden their knowledge and skill and to attain work place excellence in patient care there by helping the society. High on our list of priorities are student welfare educational support. Needless to say, we are well on the way of making a significant contribution to a growing team of competent, qualified, dedicated and caring health professionals worldwide.

In 2017 January, all the MWT Group companies have come together under the umbrella of our parent group Health Careers International, based in Australia. The Institute of Health and Management has now changed its name to Health Careers Institute, India, and aims to set up 50 Indian International Skills Centres across India by the year 2022. In collaboration with our parent group, we aim at becoming the preferred training partner for healthcare organisations (HCO) across all states of India and will be offering Nursing excellence program implementation and CNE programs by 2020.

The Health Careers Group of companies has been recognized for excellence in all-round quality management, and has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification.